Freak Carvers

The freaks take your festival to a higher level!


Fire & Ice

We do Fire in  summer and Ice in wintertimes
Summer festivals where we did an Act are Mana Mana, Lage Veld Festival and Living Village festival and some great works on the Zwarte cross event.
In winter times we dit the NK Dutch icecarving championship ( second place 2017 and third in 2016 ) and Cool event Scheveningen.

show at the Living Village Festival together with the fire stick performers

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fire show at The Lage Veld Festival

fire up The Green Man

Maurice is lighting up his sculpture with the airblower

Fire spiral

ice sculpture at the NL championship at the Dutch town of Heerlen

Gemma working on her ice sculpture

Second price dutch NK icesculptures at the Dutch town Heerlen 2017

Coole Ice event Dutch town of Scheveningen 2018

Main fire sculpture at Manana Manana festival 2018
Fire up the sculpture at Manana Manana 2018
Blowing torge Manana Manana 2018
Fire sculpture in the front of the Vorden castle Manana Manana festival
Childrens play ground created by Gert-Jan van Dunnewold & Zepp Pietersen at Presikhaaf area Arnhem
Hans Nijmeijer working on an abstract
Hans Nijmeijer on his master peace at the famos Fasna Carving event
Gert-Jan van Dunnewold is creating an outdoor shower from a peace of Robinia hardwood
Fire it up Hans! at Manana Manana festival
Tribal Rage Free west Papua made by Zepp Pietersen
Hans Nijmeijer
Rienk Noorman
Gert-Jan van Dunnewold at his main peace at Fasna carving
Gemma Web creating a Celic simbol
Tony Langston
Maurice de Meijer making a bull
Zepp Pietersen art work in cycling tunnel at Schuytgraaf area Arnhem
A angel made by Maurice de Meijer
Bee woman with a real bee nest in the belly of the sculpture createt by Zepp Pietersen at the famous Sonbeek art exhibition
A sculpture by maurice de Meijer
woman made by Maurice the Meijer
A peace of art made by Tony Langston
Bull made by Maurice de Meijer
Up side down trees by Hans Nijmeijer at the famos Zwarte Cross festival
Lion King by Hans Nijmeijer at Ice Event Scheveningen
main gate created by Tony langston and Maurice de Meijer at Living Village Festival 2018
Electric peace of art by Rink Noorman